When we enter a community, we're asked to meet certain expectations. Segway allows us to modify the speed parameters on their scooters and that's essential for meeting the needs of the communities in which we work.
Ted Sweeney
Campus Policy, Spin
We tried a whole bunch of different companies and when we found Segway, we found scooters that were long-lasting, sturdy, safe, and helps us provide custom scooters to our riders all across the country.
Cameron Mullen
Director of Business Operations, Spin
I take scooters to & from work everyday. I can take the scooter a couple of minutes both ways and not have to worry about parking, which is really nice. And I start the day with something fun & outdoors which is a total difference than sitting in traffic.
Matt F.
User, Dallas, TX
When you're riding a bike you get all sweaty and it takes a lot longer to get there. With a scooter it's a lot more fun.
Nick B.
User, Dallas, TX
The scooters are super easy to use. It's even easier than a bike.
Raul R.
User, Dallas, TX